"You are not meant to deal with your grief, loss and life transitions on your own."

Spread the Word -Tell your co-workers, friends and family about the supportive book, MY CHAOS Searching for My New Normal and speaker and one on one counselling resources.  Share your own wisdom, your own story!



I offer a broad range of workshops and presentations that will support your staff, association, leadership team, group or community.

Popular Presentation Topics:

Grief Loss and Life Transition - searching for peace

Care for the Caregiver - compassion fatigue and care giver burnout

Spirituality and Health

Mindfulness X

Meditation (Multiple Forms)

Healing Effects of Nature

Coping with Heath Challenges



           Mental Health



INdividual and small group therapeutic counselling

I offer limited numbers of  1:1 spiritual health, grief loss and life transition counselling. 

Groups for :

Grief Loss and Life Transition

            Mindfulness X

Rick has over four decades of experience providing counselling, education and spiritual health support.

My education and training:

Bachelor of Arts B.A. - St. Francis Xavier University

Bachelor of Education B.Ed. - University of Calgary

Masters of Arts M.A. (Pastoral Studies - with Thesis )                University of Ottawa/St.Paul University

Licensed Counselling Therapist of New Brunswick - Candidate

Grief Recovery Specialist



Spiritual Direction