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Invite Rick to speak at your Conference, Professional Development, Grand Rounds, Leadership Development, Education Seminars, Faith Community, Service Organization and more.

Rick has presented Internationally, Nationally, Regionally and Locally to:

Mental Health professionals            Health and Aging Medical Staff    Community Health Centres        University Chaplains                    Oncology Staff                                          High School Students                                Faith Communities                                  Dementia and Alzheimer's Support College and University Students            Eye Tissue and Organ Donor Staff and Families                                                      Extramural Community Health Care


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Rick continues to provide 1 on 1 individual spiritual health, grief loss and life transition counselling. 

Weekend retreats in a setting close to nature will be announced.

Eight week Grief Loss Life Transition combined with Mindfulness X Programs will be offered.

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This highly acclaimed book contains collective compassionate wisdom from proven research, personal stories, reflective images and inclusive thoughtful writing. Read it and share your experience.