Education and Group workshops upon request.

Location:                                                                        Fitzpatrick Building (across from the Cathedral)                            100 Waterloo St.                                                                     Saint John, NB E2L 3P8

Rick C. Benson B.A B.Ed. M.A. Licensed Counselling Therapist - Candidate

Phone: Leave a Message 506-847-0620


Providing support while living in balance and recognizing the importance of self care and sustainability to provide compassionate care.

We do not fit into "five stages of grief" or any number  of "stages of grief"  Our experience is unique and often all over the map.

"Practice does not make perfect

                Practice makes familiar."

Continue to practice the interventions written about in MY CHAOS Searching for My New Normal.  Do not give up when you let your practice slide ... like your mantra ... always come back and start again ...and again ... and again.

1.We are not meant to deal with this alone

2. Everyone’s experience is unique - no exceptions!

3. This is a journey and it has a deep spiritual component.

Do not beat yourself up, the world has already done that.  Be compassionate to yourself, cut yourself some slack and come back to your practice. 


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